A new meaning to Corporate Takeover!

Who says you can’t have fun at work? Starting this weekend and running through to June 3, the 25th annual Corporate Challenge is taking over the GO Centre! Of the 23 different sport categories, three will take place at the GO Centre. Volleyball on May 28, Table Tennis on May 29 and finally Badminton on June 3. The three events combined are estimated to bring in 900 participants and spectators. I’m sure we all know someone at work who’s a closet semi-pro and it will no doubt be a thrill to see which company reigns supreme.

25 years of team building fundownload

“Created in 1992, Corporate Challenge provides an activity for local businesses to foster employee interaction, teamwork, morale, pride, health & wellness. The demand proved overwhelming and now Corporate Challenge has grown to include over 175 companies, over 18,000 athletes and 1,900 volunteers in an Olympics-style competition that is one of the largest amateur sporting events in Canada!

Corporate Challenge promotes a unique sense of spirit and togetherness that is found when employees gather in social environments and fun, organized competition. Corporate Challenge provides the corporate world with activities that break through the barriers existing in even the smallest organizations. Through sports for the athletically-corporate-challenge2inclined to recreation activities that employees of every fitness level can participate in, Corporate Challenge gives us all an opportunity to come together and have some fun!” – Corporate Challenge

Although it’s too late to register a team this year, there’s no reason why you can’t come down to check it out and see what it’s all about. Corporate Challenge is not only a great team building event, but promotes goal setting, getting active and introduces individuals to sport and wellness. Best of luck to all the athletes!

Check out the Corporate Challenge website for more information on the events, festivities and times.

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