That New Floor Smell is in the Air!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to resurface gym floors? It’s not as quick of a IMG_0456processes as you might think and actually involves a few steps. First they need to sand the floors to remove some of the old coating and create a clean surface for the new coating to bond to. Then they need to wash the floors to ensure no dust is left to disrupt the bond. Finally, the coating is applied.

It all seems pretty straight forward but when you consider just how big the GO Centre is, (12 full size gymnasiums) you really appreciate the scope of this yearly project. Each year we resurface either the North or South side of the building. This year is an odd numbered year so the North Hall is receiving the treatment.


IMG_0463Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

With the sanding and cleaning finally done, the real fun can begin! Starting today and continuing through the weekend, the new coating will be applied to all five gyms in the North Hall. If you play basketball at the GO Centre, chances are you’ll be playing on brand new floors next season! Unfortunately the new coating takes about a week to cure. The North Hall is expected to reopen by June 22. In the meantime, the South Hall and Completion Gym will remain open for drop in and general use.

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