Summer Camps Are Here!

July is off to a hot start – 30+ degrees of hot! Summer camps are in full swing with Ortona Gymnastics, Go Sports volleyball/basketball and U of A Green and GOLD multi-sport camps all taking place this summer. These camps will see upwards of 500 youth participating throughout the summer where kids will hone their skills in specific sports like volleyball and basketball or will be introduced to new sports and activities.

One of the more unique camps taking place this summer at the Saville Community Sport Centre is the the Starlight Performance Camp. The Starlight Performance Camp is run by the University of Alberta medical students and is designed for kids living with chronic illness or disability. It will be hosted in the Ortona gymnastics hall this Saturday July 8, 2017.0d3455_9aa6f773256e41529a2ee8180919088c-mv2

According to camp co-leader Andrée Vincent, the kids will gain confidence and learn that their health condition does not need to define them.

“Some of the kids who are attending have let go or quit activities because of their conditions,” said Vincent, a second-year medical student at the U of A. “We really want them to find out that they can still perform in those disciplines, even though they have health concerns that impact them.”

The Starlight Performance Camp is supported through an Alberta Medical Association / Canadian Medical Association Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion grant along with additional funding from the U of A’s Medical Students’ Association. The camp is also supported by Ortona Gymnastics which is giving free use of its facility.

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